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Fight fat with the newest development in science derived from your favorite food - CHOCOLATE!  A specialized standardization process boosts the natural weight loss properties in chocolate up to 12 times - WITHOUT THE FAT AND CARBOHYDRATES What makes XANGEN different from other weight loss supplements? From our research, XANGEN is the highest potency, xanthine rich, liquid supplement on the market today. XANGEN contains a newly developed ingredient, known as Andéan, derived from chocolate and almond that contain high amounts of weight loss promoting xanthines. Aside from the benefits of its powerful ingredients, as a liquid, absorption is quicker, provides increased bioavailability, and better dosage control as opposed to a capsule or tablet.  XANGEN does not contains ephedra, and as successful as ephedra was at promoting weight loss, clinical research is revealing greater weight loss is possible with the proper use of xanthines.


This Product Contains an Andean Cocoa Blend that makes it very similar to E'OLA's Last Energy Formula, LiquaGen.

These products are for people who are sensitive to Caffeine or other Stimulants.  For Most people we recommend EFS Energy & Burn Away Fat


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